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Parallels Between Roman and Modern Politics

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Politics has always been an integral part of human society and no less so than in Roman government. In fact, ancient societies, such as Rome and Athens have been greatly influential in the structure of our politics today. For example, the Romans gave us the word ‘republic’, one of the main forms of governance in our modern world, coming from the Latin words res publica, literally meaning ‘public matters’. Athens gave us the great ideal of democracy, literally the ‘rule of the people’, which is the foundation of our modern government system. In fact, clear parallels can be made between ancient politics, particularly Roman politics that I will be looking at in further detail, and our modern politics. Firstly, there are some obvious parallels between…

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Federal Europe: Dream or Nightmare?

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With the UK’s EU referendum fast approaching, I don’t doubt that most people are sick and tired of the constant back and forth between the two sides. However the reason that this referendum is dominating the headlines is because of how important it is – for the future of the UK and the world. This decision will shape the future of international politics for centuries to come, for better or for worse. In this article I’m going to focus on one particular aspect of EU that has been mentioned but never really addressed; because one side is afraid to mention it and the other doesn’t understand it. Imagine the scene; you’re sitting at home watching the news. A typical pro-Brexit politician is droning on about…

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