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The Self-Destructive Revolution and Saving the Future of the West

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Reform has always been the death of revolution. Reform is what governments and leaders do to keep their heads attached to their shoulders. The principle behind this is obvious – if you give the people what they want, they won’t have to take what they want by force. Reform is a counter to change; gradual (sometimes so gradual as to be insignificant) change as opposed to any real alterations. For the most part, reform is good. Revolution can be sloppy, and if poorly executed, disastrous for people, nations and sometimes the world. There are countless situations (most recently the 2011 Arab Spring), where some degree of reform on the part of governments would have prevented copious loss of life. But sometimes revolution is necessary, to…

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Is our relationship with the US really that special?

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Britain and the US have appeared to have a very cosy relationship during the last century and so far in this one. We have fought World War I and II together, defeated Hitler and then, eventually, the USSR. We have fought together throughout the Middle East, destroying nations. You could liken it to a wrestling tag team, taking on the rest of the world together in order to be the supreme champions, but then again has it really been so rosy? Has Britain not dragged the USA into wars it didn’t want and vice versa? Maybe. If you actually analyse the relationship between the two states, we might be able to glean what could happen both post-Brexit and post-Presidential election. During the First World War,…

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International Revolution is Coming, and We Need to be Ready to Face It.

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Recently, I attended a lecture at a local school on the on-going American election. One issue raised during this talk was the sustainability of the international system – one of the academics present made the point that our current international system was designed to maintain the power balance of 1945 when it was set up. We can see this with just the slightest glance – the UK and France both have a veto in the UN, ahead of more populous and powerful countries such as India, Brazil and Indonesia. Our international system was designed for 1945. It was designed to address the concerns of 1945 and to prevent a repeat of the Second World War. The problem is that we no longer live in 1945,…

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What We Learned from the Conventions

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The conventions are done, the candidates are back on the trail and this is the state of play. He’s Kaine, He’s Sore, He’s Bonkers Senator Tim Kaine is an unsurprisingly safe choice for VP. He toes the party line on abortion, despite his personal qualms, and speaks fluent Spanish, which will hammer home the Latino vote. Trump rushed to Twitter to swiftly rebuke Clinton’s pick and claimed that he introduced unpopular tax rises in New Jersey, despite him governing Virginia. It is an excellent choice from the Clinton campaign, despite some suggesting Cory Booker or Julian Castro as party unifying tickets. It hammers home the ‘safe hands’ message and, although he isn’t an attack dog, has the fight in him to take Trump down a…

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Mobile Justice App: A futile solution to America’s policing problem?

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The three remaining Baltimore police officers were excused of all charges over Freddie Gray’s death on the 27th of July. Gray was a young black man who was killed in April 2015 after being subjected to beatings whilst in police custody. Gray’s death marked a turning point in Police-black community relations, sparking two week long protests in Baltimore followed by two days of rioting which highlighted police brutality issues. The media turned public attention to police brutality cases and all of a sudden such cases appeared to become very common occurrences, most recently Alton Sterling, a 37 year old Black male who was shot as a result of selling CDs and Philando Castile shot one day later when reaching for his drivers’ license at a routine…

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Why Trump May Be Right About Immigration

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Immigration- even the term, itself can be considered controversial. Raising the topic runs the risk of sounding racist or small-minded. The entire discussion has become warped, due to the fear of not being ‘politically correct’, both with ordinary citizens, and politicians. This had led to key issues surrounding a very important topic being glossed over or dismissed entirely. Purely to avoid any hint of not following the normative belief, which is that everyone is welcome no matter what. This has to stop. By avoiding the entirely issue, it leads to the general public becoming more and more frustrated, until the entire issue is blown out of proportion. Immigration, in the correct numbers has unlimited benefits to society. Job vacancies and skills gaps can be filled,…

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The Black Lives Matter Dichotomy and Gun Control

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On 7th July I woke up to the news that yet another black American had been murdered by police. This may seem callous but by this point I hardly batted an eyelid. People ask me if I’ve seen the video of the murder and I reply ‘which one?’ On July 8th I woke up to a media frenzy over the five dead police officers in Dallas in one of the most predictable acts of barbarism ever seen in the western world. It’s almost too surreal to take in at this early stage but the worst thing is, I’m not even surprised. This has been bubbling in America for some time and, while what happened to what can only be assumed are innocent policeman, this is…

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Trump’s Success is Not the Start of an Authoritarian Revolution, it’s a Victory Lap.

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Since 2008, the two party system in America has slowly been eroded. The rise of the Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin and Donald Trump has changed the shape of social conservatism. This change had led to a split in the GOP and the existence of an ersatz multi-party system, led by the Democrats, the Republicans and the Authoritarian Republicans. The authoritarians are about to make a huge break through and America has one group to thank, the Tea Party. After the financial crash and bailout of the banks, working people were angry. FreedomWorks capitalised on this and used it to mobilise the public against higher levels of debt, increasing taxes and Obamacare. They created the Tea Party, a grass roots movement of patriots who were sick…

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