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A Disease We Cannot Fight With Force

A seventeen-year-old boy is swaying side to side at Leeds Festival to the deafening sound of music. His T-shirt is drenched from the continuous sweat caused through his energetic movements. The sun’s brightness is overwhelming and he covers his eyes in order to keep the main stage in sight. He gazes to his left and then his right, seeing some of his closest friends enjoying the music with him; it will be a memory that should last forever. Around him stand thousands of people with synchronised smiles; the usual animosity that is felt in such a large crowd is absent. How many times have you seen so many people together, connected and unified through joy? A mist of stress that is typical of human beings… Keep Reading


Restricting Labour Members’ Voting Rights is an Insult to Democracy

Labour’s leadership election misery continues as the Court of Appeal overrules the High Court’s ruling and thus upholds the Labour NEC’s (National Executive Committee) original decision to disenfranchise from the election anyone who joined after 12th June, unless they paid £25. This means that 130,000 new members are unable to vote in the upcoming Labour leadership. The original High Court intervention into party politics was unprecedented and could’ve dramatically changed the outcome of the Labour leadership election and the fate of the Labour party itself. In a time of political disillusionment and disempowerment, Labour must ask what party they want to be: one which serves the people, supported through a democratic mandate, or a party which governs the people by telling them it knows best… Keep Reading

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