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Corbyn May Have Won Labour Leadership But He Won’t Be Popular For Long

The crinkled-shirt-wearing, smarmy smile baring Corbyn strolled out onto the Question Time stage last week to take on his challenger Owen Smith. Smith was flustered from the moment that the first ardent Corbynista began their wild hand gestures and angry insults and the show didn’t improve from there. David Dimbleby, with mildly irritated facial expressions that were conveying the mood of most of the viewers more adeptly than the sycophantic pleas of either candidate, made increasingly obvious attempts to introduce some balance into the debate. “We’ve heard from the Corbyn supporters, now let’s hear from a staunch Smith supporter”. In return he got an irate gentlemen about six rows back, who offered us no more support for his chosen candidate than the justification that he… Keep Reading

EU Referendum/UK

One Referendum Was Enough for A Lifetime

Since the result of the first EU referendum, there have been calls for a rerun. Some have said that ‘Remain’ are sore losers; some have said they’d be stupid not to push for a rerun; some people want a vote on the terms of the eventual deal. May has floundered, Davis has put his foot in it, and Boris has fallen off the face of the earth. Asking for a second referendum is like jumping off a cliff and then running back up to do it again because you enjoyed it so much the first time: plain insanity. If, like me, you did want to stay in the EU, you will be tempted many times over the coming weeks to join the fight in the… Keep Reading

Middle East/UK/World

Radicalisation: The Law is in Your Hands

Radicalisation: the buzzword of security councils and foreign ministers around Europe and America. From Jihadi John to Kadiza Sultana, the names that plaster our front pages are starting to pose increasingly complex moral questions to which we must somehow find legal responses. It is on all of us to take a vocal stance on these issues because these crimes are new. UK law will have to try and catch up with new ideas of justice, freedom, security, responsibility, vulnerability, and rights. If we don’t start asserting our own ideas on the issues then huge legal changes will go on behind the scenes and it will be too late for us to guide them. You have more power over the progress of British ideals now, as… Keep Reading


What the Train Debacle Tells Us About Corbyn

A number of thoughts sprang to mind when I saw the hunched figure of Jeremy Corbyn grasping at a newspaper on a grimy train floor, asking me to believe that his press team and his sarcastic tone couldn’t have cleared a whole carriage for him in a number of minutes, posing as a man of the people once again. Train floors cannot be good for your clothes, or your public image it seems, but luckily Jeremy’s suit was pretty raggedy before he squatted down and raised an eyebrow declaring that nationalization of the trains was the only way to save him from this awful fate. What was this meant to induce in me? Pity? Laughter? Anger? I have strong suspicions that his press officer is in… Keep Reading


The Olympics: Some Good News for Once

Laurine van Riessen of the Netherlands may have cycled up a wall to avoid a nasty crash, but the Olympic officials have pulled off an even more impressive stunt to keep their plans upright in Rio this summer. Getting more than 200 countries and a few independent athletes together in one village to compete against each other in an incredibly tense situation where national and personal pride is at stake and billions of pounds have been invested barely sounds possible if you look at the tattered state of international relations outside the stadium doors. But every four years the world gathers to participate in this most uplifting and unlikely of events, producing some glimmer of hope for humanity on the dull horizon. The Olympics time… Keep Reading


On Historical Facts and Why We Should Believe Them

The beautiful, humbling, and unlikely discoveries of past worlds and the people that created them are being bludgeoned by heavy-handed accusations. The latest trend in our obsessively empirical world is to resurrect the empty complaints of the post-modernists in order to eschew history as not a factual practice, diminishing it to the level of glorified literature and trivializing all that it has given to our culture and progress since its conception in fifth century B.C. Greece by Herodotus. Historians rarely address the philosophical grounds upon which they write and educate, but the more they are challenged the more they must begin to. We are obliged to stop ignoring the difficult questions that face our academic riches because it is these that make us doubt that… Keep Reading


Western Elitism in History: Thinly Veiled Lying

In sixteenth century Korea, a naval genius called Admiral Yi changed the course of history almost single-handedly. The Japanese military leader Hideyoshi had made the decision to invade China to bring down the Ming dynasty and all that stood in his way was the militarily weak state of Korea. Having rejected the introduction of guns into their army years before, the Korean aristocrats that fought still used archers as their main form of attack. Their cannons were around one metre at largest and they had never updated their defensive walls to allow for the firing of these cannons at advancing troops from the ground. Their weakness showed when they were faced with noise and dust billowing around them as gunfire erupted and Japanese Samurai charged.… Keep Reading


Banning Foreign Funding for Mosques: A Purely Political Move

This week the French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, has made a statement that supports the idea of banning foreign funding to all mosques. This idea has been raised in an attempt to improve the security of France, a country that has been the target of multiple high-profile terror attacks which have been claimed by the so-called Islamic State. This Islamic extremist terrorist group recruits some individuals for its cause through local mosques where preachers prey on and eventually radicalize people living in the West. It is thought that by cutting off the money from extremist groups, the incentive for a mosque to turn a blind eye to extremism, or even to actively encourage it, will be diminished and so will the number of radicalized individuals.… Keep Reading


A European’s Last Stand: Tim Farron on Liberty, Labour and Leaving

Tim Farron has been the leader of the Liberal Democrats since July 2015 and his party has just seen a surge in membership following the EU referendum. What is the future of the Liberal Democrats and what part will they play in the fallout of the recent political turmoil? The Parliamentary Labour Party, after voting overwhelmingly in a vote of no confidence, have forced a second leadership election for Jeremy Corbyn. This has left the Labour leader commanding little respect from his MPs and in no fit state to be leader of the opposition. Despite some on the backbenchers accepting electoral defeat in 2020 and hoping that the likes of Lisa Nandy, Kier Starmer and Dan Jarvis become credible leadership candidates for 2025, there is… Keep Reading


The Bad Penny Debates: Are Religious Freedoms and a Liberal Society Contradictory in Modern Europe?

  Emily Religious freedom, to me, is the right to act as you please in regards to following your own personal religious beliefs. Many liberals would argue that it is necessary to have religious freedom to function in a liberal society. However, within certain religions, not only does it dictate how the religious follower should act, but how the religious follower should respond to someone else breaking that religions laws, such as adultery or homosexuality. The resulting question raised is: to what extent may someone act out their religion and have the right to religious freedom, even if it removes the freedom of another citizen? Throughout history, the state and church have acted as one. This usually means that there is one main religion within… Keep Reading

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