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June 2017

China’s gunboat diplomacy

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China for the past 1,000 years has focused on consolidating power over its vast and diverse landmasses; China has to focus on preventing nationalist sentiment and any possible rebellions from territories such as Tibet and Xinjiang seeing themselves as independent from the Han Chinese which dominate China politically, economically and culturally. Meaning China historically has only been able to have a Green Water Navy  to patrol its maritime borders, and not the Blue Water navy (a maritime force capable of exerting influence globally) that it desires. However, recent developments mean that the realisation of a strong Blue Water Navy is becoming more of a possibility. On the 28th June, China launched Asia’s biggest and most advanced warship, enabling China to strengthen and modernise its navy.…

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The Queen’s Speech: What is it and what happened?

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The Queen made a speech in the House of Lords on Wednesday. In her speech was the government’s plans on what they want to do over the next two years (would usually be one year, but Prime Minister Theresa May cancelled next year’s Queen’s Speech). Over the next week, Parliament will debate the Queen’s Speech and vote on it. If the government loses the vote, then this is considered a vote of no confidence in the government, though a proper vote of no confidence may need to be passed before the government calls a new general election. However, it’s unlikely that the government would lose the vote on the Queen’s Speech, because they’re forging a deal with the DUP, who have enough seats for them…

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