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October 2016

International Revolution is Coming, and We Need to be Ready to Face It.

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Recently, I attended a lecture at a local school on the on-going American election. One issue raised during this talk was the sustainability of the international system – one of the academics present made the point that our current international system was designed to maintain the power balance of 1945 when it was set up. We can see this with just the slightest glance – the UK and France both have a veto in the UN, ahead of more populous and powerful countries such as India, Brazil and Indonesia. Our international system was designed for 1945. It was designed to address the concerns of 1945 and to prevent a repeat of the Second World War. The problem is that we no longer live in 1945,…

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Austria needs to stop trying to erase parts of its dark history

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When I went to Auschwitz this summer I wanted to write a piece on the experience but just couldn’t think of anything to say, until I read that Hitler’s birthplace (an Austrian city called Braunau) is to be demolished by Austrian authorities in an attempt to prevent the site from acting as a focal point for Neo-Nazi ‘pilgrimages’ worldwide. This is a completely ridiculous solution, a futile attempt at addressing the symptoms of a decaying society. It’s almost as if the Austrian interior minister doesn’t realise that other much more important sites pertaining to Hitler exist. Should we knock those down to for the sake of crossing off one more stop on the neo-Nazis road trip? There is more than mere historical value in this…

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Down’s-selective abortion is a mistake

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A new procedure is being rolled-out in the NHS which could potentially remove Down’s syndrome from society forever. On the face of it, this seems like a great thing, Down’s is a condition that many want a cure for, though Down’s children often give people great joy and live satisfying lives, but this particular procedure has some quite severe consequences if we follow through with it. The current prenatal tests for Down’s syndrome are either fairly risky in that it the chance of the test procedure killing the child is about the same as the likelihood the child has the condition (and so not so many mothers take those tests as they would the new one), and they’re not particularly good at identifying when an…

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