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Federal Europe: Dream or Nightmare?

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With the UK’s EU referendum fast approaching, I don’t doubt that most people are sick and tired of the constant back and forth between the two sides. However the reason that this referendum is dominating the headlines is because of how important it is – for the future of the UK and the world. This decision will shape the future of international politics for centuries to come, for better or for worse. In this article I’m going to focus on one particular aspect of EU that has been mentioned but never really addressed; because one side is afraid to mention it and the other doesn’t understand it. Imagine the scene; you’re sitting at home watching the news. A typical pro-Brexit politician is droning on about…

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Trump’s Success is Not the Start of an Authoritarian Revolution, it’s a Victory Lap.

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Since 2008, the two party system in America has slowly been eroded. The rise of the Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin and Donald Trump has changed the shape of social conservatism. This change had led to a split in the GOP and the existence of an ersatz multi-party system, led by the Democrats, the Republicans and the Authoritarian Republicans. The authoritarians are about to make a huge break through and America has one group to thank, the Tea Party. After the financial crash and bailout of the banks, working people were angry. FreedomWorks capitalised on this and used it to mobilise the public against higher levels of debt, increasing taxes and Obamacare. They created the Tea Party, a grass roots movement of patriots who were sick…

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